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The more my online job site grows, the more spams it gets. The following snapshot is from 1 single user in the span of 1 month:

So I told my team to blacklist her email  and popped up a warning. Upon seeing the warning,  she just changed to another email and kept on posting. So we decided not to pop up anything, leading her to believe that her post was successful and it worked (as recently as 5/7/09)! Of course we could also blacklist her IP address but it seemed like every household had a unique IP address, not every computer, so we decided not to do it (fearing we may block everyone in an Internet cafe or the whole company).

Our best defense right now is to rely on users to flag posts they think as spam. There is no way we can do this ourselves. It is too much work and my time is better spent elsewhere. Saigon is too much fun to be staying home and flagging spam.

Written by bluekite2000

May 11, 2009 at 10:18 am

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