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Startups in Vietnam

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Vietnamese are entrepreneurial by nature. It is no surprise there are lots of tech startups. Most of whom cater towards the local market and do the following:

1. sell ads via news sites (kenh14.vn)

2. sell goods via e commerce sites (nhommua.com)

3. sell games (vng)

A few cater towards international market. However they tend to focus on:

1. trivial mobile games  or clones of successful US mobile apps

2. software outsourcing (primarily php, ruby on rails and iphone apps)

The exception is alley labs. They are based in hanoi and have produced a couple of high quality mobile games. The founder however is an MIT graduate who decided to stick around after having such a good time wandering around the northern mountains of Vietnam.

Yesterday I googled ycombinator in Vietnam/Vietnamese and received 0 results. I googled paul graham and the result was also nil. There is no incubator in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh (except for vcombinator and 5desire but they are very new and have no proven track record). There is no coworking space in the whole of Vietnam.  Nobody here has heard of Eric Ries or know what lean startup means. That is abysmal compared to neighboring countries such as Singapore, China or Taiwan where startup culture is thriving. I dont think the government will do much. A few individuals started action.vn ( a news site on tech entrepreneurship), vye (tech event organization) but they lack startup experience. My best hope is for someone who is a male  Caucasian or Vietkieu (overseas Vietnamese. One classic example is Trung Dung, the CEO and founder of mobivi), has done startup in Silicon Valley, exited with tons of money and decided to move back to Vietnam to get a girlfriend or wife. Someone like Eduado Saverin Are you that someone?

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March 12, 2012 at 3:42 am

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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.. more wait ..

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