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The characters-Vn student in my french class

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So i  take french class at idecaf, on the corner of le thanh ton and thai van lung. it consists of an assortment of characters: chinese dude with a reverberating voice, taiwanese chick with french bf, boring office chicks with boring office assembles, little married skinny chick with a small frame and a big rack (another story for another post), old married hag who gives me the eye, the one who cant pronounce zzzz for all her life. The list goes on. The ratio is pretty sweet 4 girls to 1 guy, taught by this prematurely bald french dude who says words like “van pham” or “chinh tri”. 

When I go to class (and that is a big when) I take with me a pen and a notebook, in which I intermittently scribble words like allez or teton.  these chicks they go to class armed to the teeth with the whole store of office depot. When the bald guy writes something on the board  (Ex the subject is la phonetique, the words end with ant,ent. Examples are tant, lent) they instantaneously do the following:

1. Bold La phonetique

2. Highlight the subject with blue or green La phonetique

3. Draw a table with a ruler using a different pen, where the rows are an,en and the columns are the examples.

4. Do some more highlighting (where to enunciate, where to drawl it out)

5. Write in Vietnamese their own interpretation of the bald guy’s pronunciation. Of course the Vietnamese words are in a different color.

6. More drawings of lines, circles and other geometric shapes.

7. The whole shebang (15 minutes later) is cleaned  up with erasers, whiteout and polished with a little flower to indicate end of section.

It is quite a commotion and hell of interesting to watch.  Sometimes I just want to grab their notes and tear them to pieces just to see them cry.


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May 29, 2008 at 4:26 am

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